Jaguar Xj

Jaguar Xj – There are some cars more stylish, more refined and more integrated with motoring power than the classic Jaguar, while Coventry-built cars from the early to mid-70s are among the best of all. That being said, while the big cats of this decade may look and feel the part, even being shooters, they aren’t known for reliability or rust-proofing.

All of the above came to the fore when we were asked to create a custom Jaguar XJC for one of our clients. The brief is as simple as it fits the characteristics of the car, which is to create a fast, reliable and comfortable XJ, which can drive its owner over long distances almost every day, all with the help of the team. . William Lyons’ three principles ‘grace, movement and space.’ 

Jaguar Xj

Jaguar Xj

The project has a good start, it’s true, but it’s a solid car at a good price – the game is on

First Drive: 2013 Jaguar Xj V 6

Those who have followed the type of work we do will know that each of our projects starts with a full download and careful review, followed by a press release. This means that we can target all the sensitive areas hidden in the shell, which ensures that we use a clean, rotten slate. It’s a good thing we did, as if we’ve ever met a car without a sound, this XJC hides some metal-related sins, the bottom of the B-pillar and the rear pillar all show signs of rot – although you could argue that it’s part of the big Jag restoration from this era.

Rear fenders are always on the cards for this car, but that doesn’t make the old chops any less dangerous.

Soon, solid parts of metalwork and special manufacturing, solutions for all areas of physical contact and the use of touch have become symbols. This is when the owner came back to us with a new request, thanks to the work done by David Brown Automotive. This brings a new bodywork modification program, including the rear wheel arch, rear spoiler, safety of the vinyl roof and bespoke bumper, the latter made by cutting and reducing the side panels and “clothing finish” from another, OEM Jaguar. bumper.

In addition, the interest rate of return is very high. Part of the process of changing the chroming (with a thin look around the left glass area, naturally), instead we made the upper and lower grilles, which is very difficult. Rebuilt and took about a week to complete, the outer bezel is made from solid steel,  carefully machined and bent, then TIG welded. The grille itself also has a unique design, very different from the “round” offered by Jaguar at the time. 

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Front grille design, a component that significantly changed the overall appearance of the car

Color? It’s a nod to Jaguar’s best car of all time, the E-Type – Opalescent Gunmetal Grey, chosen for its ability to complement the leather interior.

The need to cover the ‘grace’ and ‘space’ aspects of the Jaguar DNA led to a completely redesigned interior, dominated by tobacco-colored leather and dark wood, hydro-dyed aluminum, the latter being the central intersection, ith. switchgear tends to replace BL ‘special bin section’ made by Jaguar and aero-looking clocks and gauges. The furniture is also our own design and we aim to provide the best in both worlds; deep comfort, built for long-distance travel, solid support for those times when the chap can’t resist opening the tap and giving beans.

Jaguar Xj

We are very aware of the importance of the legacy of the old Jaguar, which is why the breakdown of the factory equipment remains in place, including the original XJC transmission, which has been re-engineered to work with the GM 4-speed transmission. . It’s the same story with the steering wheel, the Motorlita E-Type offering has been reworked and combined with wider, fatter wheels, again in keeping with the 70s XJC. start button? This is from a Supermarine Spitfire. Tally ho of course. 

Jaguar Xj Review & Ratings

As for ‘speed,’ there were several engines in the frame at one point, including the original V12. The buyer was careful that they wanted the finished car to be strong and reliable, so we decided to go down the GM LS3 route. It’s not too hard to see why these ‘crate machines’ are popular on both sides of the pond; they are strong, available new, can look to the sky and very reliable, all valuable qualities in a car that should spend as much time shooting in Europe as in the UK. The current one in the XJC produces 430bhp uncompressed, a figure aided by the use of an Omex ECU and braided wiring. 

OEM XJC Jaguar fuel system which consists of two separate tanks with in-house control system, our setup has been redesigned; all the tanks have been stored but are now connected, one on the steering wheel also next to the Holley lift pump. The main pump, Bosch 044, is more than up to the job, while the steering wheel has also been modified to include a space saver where it can be covered with factory carpet. 

Some Jag specs have been brought more or less, the front suspension (with Eibach lower springs, SuperPro bushings and Bilstein dampers) but one model, although it has been equipped with powerful six-pot Fossway Performance. pneumatic and grooved disc. The rear is a Jaguar, from the latest model, the mid-’90s XJS. Indeed, the entire rear end has been bolted to the XJC, which means that it now has LSD, wheel speed sensors, disc brakes and suspension, all of which increase the potential of this big cat.  

There are many changes during the project, but one aspect remains the same, the wheels. The owner said early on that he thought the American Racing VN500s would be a good match for the car, and although we discussed the possibility of changing out a few times, he could not go further, especially in 8x17in and 8x17in. 9×17 in format shown.

Used 2008 Jaguar Xj Xj8 Xj8 For Sale (sold)

Like many of our popular projects, this XJC is a reward for those who take the time to stop and take a picture. The windows can be electric, this may not be obvious to those who are not part of the classic Jag collection, which makes it even more interesting when said. The result of this work is a project that should be one of the best in history , to the delight of firemen and (in my humble opinion), to pay great tribute to one of the most impressive cars ever printed. and the design legend at Browns Lane confirmed plans for an electric XJ in 2019 and a prototype to appear the following year. However, the model was delayed before it was completely discontinued.

It’s a tough story, but in 2021, Jaguar Land Rover announced its Reimagine strategy that focuses on sustainability, modern luxury, and “social good.” As part of that effort, Jaguar will become an electric-only brand with an “exciting new portfolio and next-generation technology proposition.”

The company has confirmed a three-car lineup, which will be led by a four-door GT that will arrive in 2025 and have a range of 430 kilometers (700 km). The other two models are believed to be crossovers, but an insider told Autocar that one of them is an “impressive limousine in XJ form.”

Jaguar Xj

That said, the model will not look like the XJ because it will have a “very minimal design” with a “low-profile silhouette defined by a clear and generous stance.” The car is said to also have a longer hood, lower headlights, and “a less obvious design that marks Jaguar’s new face.”

Jaguar Reportedly Working On All Electric Xj Luxury Sedan

Other reported features include 22-inch wheels and a ‘floating roof’ thanks to black pillars. Much to the dismay of traditionalists and philosophers, the example is repeated

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