2025 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Updates and Enhancements

Mercedes-Benz has updated the 2025 S-Class to match the appearance and functionality of the EQS electric hatchback. Similar improvements will also be provided for the EQS and its associated models, the EQE, EQE SUV, and EQS SUV.

Table: Key Features of the 2025 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Feature Details
Front Design New S-Class-inspired grille with chrome strips
Exterior Minor changes, upright bonnet ornament for AMG models
Battery Upgrade From 108.4kWh to 118kWh, increasing range to 799km (WLTP)
Heat Pumps Standard, improve energy efficiency
Brake System Improved recovery levels and brake pedal feel

Design and Exterior

Despite being an electric car, the new EQS has a more conventional appearance thanks to its grille mimicking the classic S-Class design. AMG variants have a completely new design, and the front has more horizontal and vertical chrome strips.

Table: Exterior Changes of the 2025 EQS

Feature Details
Grille S-Class-inspired with chrome strips
Bonnet Ornament Upright design for AMG models
Other Changes Minimal exterior alterations

Battery and Range

With its bigger 118kWh battery, the EQS can now go up to 799 kilometers on the WLTP test. Heat pumps, which use waste heat to increase the vehicle’s range, are now standard.

Table: Battery and Range Enhancements

Feature Details
Battery Capacity 118kWh
Range (WLTP) 799km
Heat Pumps Standard, improve efficiency

Interior and Comfort

The MBUX Hyperscreen, including three screens behind a single glass panel, is standard equipment on the 2025 EQS. New chrome frames for the B-pillar air vents and extra rear seat cushions with Nappa leather piping are included in the interior. For enhanced passenger comfort, the Rear Comfort Package Plus includes an adjustable rear backrest and a tilting footrest.

Table: Interior Features of the 2025 EQS

Feature Details
MBUX Hyperscreen Standard, three displays under one glass panel
Air Vents New chrome frames in B-pillars
Rear Seat Cushions Nappa leather piping
Rear Comfort Package Plus Tilting footrest, adjustable rear backrest

Autonomous Driving and Technology

With the EQS, Mercedes-Benz has improved its Level 2 autonomous driving technology, allowing for automated lane changes on roads with 140 km/h speed restrictions. Better pedal sensation is the result of improvements made to the braking system. Additionally, a new feature that engages the brake pads on occasion will maintain the system.

Table: Autonomous Driving and Technology Updates

Feature Details
Autonomous Driving Level 2, supports automatic lane changes
Brake System Improved pedal feel, new maintenance function

Pricing and Availability

Starting on April 25, the new EQS will be priced the same and available for purchase throughout Europe. The upgraded EQS’s Australian market debut date has not yet been confirmed by Mercedes-Benz Australia.

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz S-Class and EQS combine cutting-edge electric car technology with classic elegance. These vehicles maintain their high standards in the luxury car market despite improvements to their design, battery capacity, interior comfort, and autonomous driving systems.