Audi A8

Audi A8 – From design to interior to handling. digital innovation is the name of the game in the Audi A8 update.

The 2022 Audi A8 sedan leads the luxury sedan segment with its powerful presence, powerful features, and sporty elegance.

Audi A8

Audi A8

After a facelift and the addition of innovative technologies, the 2022 version of the Audi A8 not only has an impressive presence, vivid character and sporty elegance, but also promises to be a leader in the luxury segment. Advanced headlamps and taillights capture the eye and imagination, updating the front and rear design in addition to innovative features. Intuitive operation and attractive infotainment in the interior set an attractive mark. Technological advances are also the order of the day within assistance systems and predictive active suspension.

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Along with Digital Matrix LED headlights, the front of the Audi A8 is dominated by a multi-layer Singleframe grille with a chrome finish.

The latest design update for the Audi A8 steps up once again to present a more luxurious, handling and sporty car. Stretched wider, the new Singleframe grille features a multi-faceted chrome mesh that gradually increases in size from the bottom up. Other aesthetic changes include a straighter placement of the side air intakes and a redesigned lower edge of the headlights that extends into a sharp curve.

The technology behind Digital Matrix LED headlights and OLED rear lights is particularly attractive on the new Audi A8. Up front, the digital matrix LED headlights use digital micromirror device (DMD) technology similar to video projectors. Each headlight consists of approximately 1.3 million micromirrors that break the rays into tiny pixels, thus providing high-precision light control. This is the basis for functions such as lane and direction lights, which are designed for use on motorways and illuminate the driver’s lane with particularly bright light. When you unlock and get out of the car, the digital Matrix LED lights can project projections onto the floor or walls. This is known as a dynamic homecoming/homecoming animation.

At the rear, the Audi A8 has a continuous, segmented light strip along with digital organic light emitting diodes (OLED) as standard. When customizing the Audi A8, customers can choose between two tail light signatures. In addition, whoever chooses the “dynamic” mode of the Audi drive range can benefit from an extra made exclusively for this mode. In addition to showing animations for returning home and leaving home, the digital OLED taillights are also integrated into the assistance systems, performing another special function: proximity detection. If a road user approaches less than two meters from the rear end of a stationary Audi A8, all OLED areas will be illuminated within the system’s boundaries¹.

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¹Be aware of the following: the systems only work within the limits of the system and are designed to assist the driver. It is always the driver’s responsibility to be sufficiently alert when driving on the road.

Part of the standard equipment, digital OLED taillights are connected by a continuous, segmented light strip.

Despite its extensive digital technology, the interior of the Audi A8 sedan is shaped by a minimalist design vocabulary.

Audi A8

To emphasize the spaciousness of the generous saloon and the refined design expression, the interior architecture of the Audi A8 sedan is consistently structured with horizontal lines. While an optional ambient lighting package elegantly sets the mood for the interior, Matrix LED reading lights are located at the rear.

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Although the interior of the Audi A8 sedan has a wide range of digital equipment, the displays and operating controls maintain the principles of a visually refined, intuitive design. Above the two screens, the MMI touch-responsive operating concept has a natural language control system that is activated when it is greeted with “Hey Audi”. As an addition, Audi’s fully digital virtual cockpit can be equipped with a head-up display that provides information directly in the driver’s field of vision. Navigation is supplied as standard with the online and Car2X services from Audi connect.

Thanks to the OLED touch display of the rear seat remote control, which is permanently integrated into the center console, the passengers in the back of the Audi A8 have comfort and infotainment functions. The front seat backs are equipped with new Full HD screens that not only play content from passenger devices, but can also receive various audio and video streams from popular streaming platforms or TV media libraries.

Rear passengers not only enjoy all the comforts of first class, but also Full HD screens.

The updated Audi A8 offers around 40 driver assistance systems. While some technologies, such as Audi pre sense Basic and Audi pre sense front safety systems, are available as standard, others are available via add-on packages or separately, such as with night vision assistant and 360-degree cameras. Remote Park Assist Plus makes life particularly easy by maneuvering the Audi A8 into and out of parallel and open parking spaces on its own. The driver doesn’t even have to be in the car at that moment¹.

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A technical highlight of the updated Audi A8 is the predictive active suspension. Thanks to electric motors that use the necessary force to raise or lower each wheel individually, the system can actively adjust the height of the body in all driving conditions. Within the limits of the system, the front camera on the Audi A8 sedan detects irregularities in the road surface at an early stage and controls predictively, i.e. predicts necessary changes to the suspension. Even before the car crashes, the control function signals the motors to correct the positioning path and actively adjust the suspension. This complex process takes only milliseconds.

Design New interior design philosophy Audi is introducing a new interior design for the first time in the Q6 e-tron. Technology and aesthetics are strongly oriented towards the residents’ needs like never before.

Design Audi A3. The Audi A3 is more dynamic, brighter, more emotional and upgraded with a sportier appearance, new design elements and digital services.

Audi A8

Digitization Unique. Audi Q6 e-tron light technology The active digital light signature of the Audi Q6 e-tron is a world first. In addition, rear and front communication lights can contribute to increased traffic safety.

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Your browser appears to be out of date. Maybe our website is not working optimally. Most browsers (but not MS Internet Explorer 11 and older) work fine. Audi A8 L: combined fuel consumption l/100 km: 10.8–8.2 (21.8–28.7 US mpg); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 248-187 (399.1-300.9 g/m)

The needs of potential A8 customers are changing. They want emotional and comfortable mobility experiences that suit their individual lifestyle. Values ​​such as time, space and individual choices are becoming increasingly important. Meanwhile, the car’s traditional strengths remain important, from the driving experience to high-quality materials. In the redesigned Audi A8, the premium concept is above all defined by an emotional and comfortable interior experience combined with new and established technologies.

Today’s cars must fit seamlessly into the users’ everyday life and at all times be able to meet their needs as much as possible. In this context, a versatile and comfortable interior is becoming more and more important. Manufacturers are wise to analyze the increasingly heterogeneous target groups in the luxury segment in detail. When it comes to interior design, aspects such as comfort, control logic, infotainment or the quality and durability of the materials used are at the top of the list.

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“The interior must appeal to all the senses and be comfortable. In addition, customers in the luxury segment expect us to offer the latest technology, especially in safety, lighting and infotainment,” says Peter Dlab, technical project manager for the Audi A8. An example is the rear seat of the A8 L888Audi A8 L. combined fuel consumption: 10.8-8.2 l/100 km (21.8-28.7 US mpg); Combined CO

Emissions g/km: 248–187 (399.1–300.9 g/m) ))), which offers more adjustment options and a footrest at the back of the front passenger seat. Passengers can use it to warm the bottom of their feet and provide different levels of massage. The air quality package improves the air quality inside the vehicle. The combination filter in the automatic four-zone climate control system captures most gases and particles. It also helps to neutralize allergens and microorganisms. So these are the features that invite passengers to both work and relaxation.

In the updated Audi A8, digital Matrix LED headlights use DMD technology. DMD stands for digital micromirror device. Each headlight has approximately 1.3 million micromirrors that divide the particularly powerful LED light into tiny pixels. This allows it to be controlled with high precision and resolution. The motorway lane and orientation lighting emit a blanket of light that illuminates the driver’s own lane particularly brightly.

Audi A8

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