Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz – Lexus has entered what it calls a “new era”, the first electric vehicle (EV) built on a dedicated EV platform – the Toyota Group Architecture e-TNGA.

Full name Lexus RZ450e, it is designed as a competitor to premium EV crossovers like Tesla Model Y, Audi E-Tron, BMW iX3, Mercedes-Benz EQC and Genesis GV70 Electrified.

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

This is the first of a new generation of Lexus vehicles, which the company introduced in 2010. As it works towards a target to have electric versions of all its cars by 2030 and be EV-only by 2035.

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The battery capacity is listed by Toyota/Subaru at 71.4 kWh and the vehicle range is 400 km on a single charge or up to 450 km on the WLTC city cycle.

In terms of design, it has Lexus’ signature creased metal, and the rear three-quarters are particularly similar to the Lexus RX petrol/hybrid. Following the wheel tracks of the new Lexus NX petrol/hybrid, it uses a full-width rear light bar and lettered badge.

According to Lexus, the ducktail shape at the end of the boot reduces drag and creates downforce. Without the need for a radiator, the RZ ditches the trademark ‘spindle’ grille design, but hints at a familiar shaped bumper and headlights.

While the exterior can be called an evolution of the brand’s past, the interior of the RZ is unlike any other Lexus before it.

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As Tesla tried with the Model S, it has a steering-wheel-drive yoke instead of a steering wheel — the bZ4x launched with one, too — though we’re betting there will be a more conventional offering.

It has a larger driver-facing touchscreen and a much simpler, more clinical design than we’re used to seeing from Lexus. Shift-by-wire means the Lexus-first dial shift knob, while the NX’s ‘e-latch’ door mechanism is also featured.

The seat materials use 30 percent “sustainable bio-based materials”, and the available panoramic glass roof has a thermal shade, heat insulation and 99 percent UV protection and another Lexus-first: a dimming function like the BMW iX.

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

Expect the RZ to be quiet on the road, as Lexus says the underfloor battery doubles as a sound deadener. A sealed bonnet perimeter cuts turbulent airflow, and acoustic glass cuts out other unwanted sounds.

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The e-TNGA platform under the body was developed from the ground up for EVs, unlike Lexus’ first EV, the UX300e.

The RZ rides on a MacPherson strut suspension up front, and the rear trailing arm uses a double wishbone configuration. Lexus installs frequency-reactive dampers that vary the damping force on the extension stroke depending on the roughness of the roads, but “performance dampers” are available to provide a firmer ride.

Interestingly, Lexus claims that its battery management technology can maintain at least 90 percent capacity after 10 years.

With outputs between 150kW (front) and 80kW (rear) with a variable torque distribution system, it looks like a pretty heavy machine in relation to its running gear with drive motors on each axle.

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Lexus says this AWD system “uses acceleration rate and steering angle information to automatically adjust front-to-rear torque delivery and braking force to all four wheels.”

Off-the-mark and straight-line driving swings the front-to-rear power allocation from 40 percent to 60 percent and vice versa.

But when the steering wheel or yoke is turned, torque is directed to the front wheels by 50 to 75 percent for more feel.

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

When exiting a corner, the system flips the script by sending up to 80 percent of the system’s output to the rear axle for RWD rollover capability.

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The ride-by-wire system is another Lexus, and the advantage is its ability to dampen vibrations from the tires and brakes, as any physical contact is eliminated.

Hopefully, unlike the Infiniti system of the past decade, Lexus has spent some time fine-tuning its feel and feel.

When it comes to driver assistance, Lexus uses the term “Teammate” to describe its Traffic Jam Assist system and Highway Lane Keeping System. If the car senses that the driver has fallen, it can slow down, open the doors and call an ambulance on its own.

Like the Kia Sorento, it can also be stopped remotely – but via an app rather than a key fob.

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The Lexus division in Australia said it would “love to get it,” but there’s no word on a local time. It will come, of course, but the bigger markets in Europe, Asia and the US are likely to be prioritized – often because of the slow uptake of BEVs in Australia.

Lexus Australia wants 80 per cent of its sales to come from cars powered by hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or battery electric (BEV) drives by 2025 – increasing its petrol-only footprint. Lexus is late to the electric vehicle game. Long-time leader of hybrid powertrains, Toyota and luxury brand have misjudged the demand for EVs among their target customers – leaving the door open for competitors. For example, in 2022, Tesla was the top-selling luxury car in the US, even surpassing BMW for second place.

Unfortunately, I believe two things will detract from the new 2023 Lexus RZ electric SUV. First, the maximum driving range could be more impressive. Second, the Lexus RZ is built in Japan, making it ineligible for federal income tax credits for electric vehicles built in the United States. At the time of publication, Lexus is offering great lease cash incentives on the RZ.

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

If the automaker can double the range of the RZ without increasing the price, I think it could be a front runner among electric luxury SUVs. Now, it feels like one.

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Lexus will sell the new EV in RZ 450e specification and in Premium and Luxury trim levels. The starting price is more than $60,000, and the luxury trim adds $5,500. For this review of the Lexus RZ, I drove the RZ 450e Luxury with extra-cost paint, an illuminated front Lexus logo, a Dynamic Sky panoramic glass roof, and a carpeted trunk mat. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $66,540, including a $1,150 destination charge.Lexus provided the vehicle for this RZ review, and I reviewed the EV in Southern California.

Lexus design often represents the love-or-leave-it idea. But no matter what you think about it, the modern Lexus models are undeniably unique. Most of the time, you can see more than just a glance at a Lexus – the bottom line.

Aside from the unnecessary gloss-black fenders — the RZ 450e’s beautiful 20-inch wheels make it look small and worthless in my opinion — I like the look of this electric Lexus. Park it next to the ever-ubiquitous Tesla Model Y, and the Lexus RZ offers even more visual interest and character. However, I do not recommend the unusual two-tone color with a black coating.

My test car’s trimmed synthetic leather and thunder on macadamia interior was amazing. In addition, the optional Sky Dynamic panoramic glass roof can be adjusted from snow to a clear view. Unfortunately, the presence of some shiny hard plastic took away from the atmosphere.

Lexus Rz 450e

The Lexus Interface infotainment system features a 14.0-inch touchscreen display, physical buttons for stereo volume and climate functions, and dual-mode steering wheel controls that are intuitive to use. The electronic door closer and transmission controls were also strange to me.

Lexus equips the premium RZ 450e with eight-way power-adjustable front seats, which are heated, ventilated and wrapped in NuLuxe synthetic leather. A heated steering wheel is also standard. The Luxury trim swaps NuLuxe simulated suede for Ultrasuede, adds acoustic side window glass for a quieter interior, and adds heated rear seats.

Drivers and front seat passengers can be very comfortable, and although the day of the test was easy, the climate system kept my occupants cool under the glass roof. Another unusual detail about the RZ is that the steering wheel is wrapped in a fabric-like material rather than traditional leather.

Lexus Rz: Lexus Enters The Electric Suv Market With The Rz

Although I found the back seat spacious enough, I found the cushions too low to provide proper thigh support. However, the flat interior floor, generous legroom and glass roof contribute to the cabin’s roomy feel. The RZ doesn’t offer a separate rear seat climate control panel, but rear passengers get climate vents, USB ports and a power outlet.

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Interior storage space feels good, and includes a sizeable bin under the center armrest, wide door panels and a tray under the center console. However, the RZ doesn’t have a traditional glovebox, and second-row storage isn’t as robust as the front.

A hands-free power rear lift is standard, and when raised, it reveals 34.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats. The Lexus gets most of that volume under the cargo floor, where you’ll find a large hidden compartment. Unfortunately, the RZ’s racy rear window glass limits the trunk’s ability to fold vertically, and with the seats folded down, volume increases to just 47.9 cu-ft. Unlike some competitors, the Lexus RX does not have a front trunk.

Lexus offers a digital instrument for the RZ, but although the panel looks big, the display area is relatively small. As a result, the content displayed there appears to be crowded in space;

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